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Von N1ght,

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Hey Guys,

today our Clanserver will be open for Everybody. We have to say, that our Gamemode is in a Beta phase, so some Minigames and Functions wont be work at the Moment, but the next Updates will fix this and so you can looking forward for the next Updates in our Server!

But for now, the most Minigames and Functions in the Server will be aviable for you, so you can use :

• Deathmatches
• Race
• Stunt
• Houses and propertys
• A lot of Maps
• Animations

... and much more

For the moment, some Minigames and Functions will be closed for you, but the next Updates will fix it! :

• Gangs
• Track
• Mission

So, when you wanna have fun with us in the Server, join it and play some rounds with us - the IP is :

We would love to see you there,
Best Regrads,
The Leadership!
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