The Eagles - Multigaming Clan since 2016

  • Hey Guys,

    today our Clanserver will be open for Everybody. We have to say, that our Gamemode is in a Beta phase, so some Minigames and Functions wont be work at the Moment, but the next Updates will fix this and so you can looking forward for the next Updates in our Server!

    But for now, the most Minigames and Functions in the Server will be aviable for you, so you can use :

    • Deathmatches
    • Race
    • Stunt
    • Houses and propertys
    • A lot of Maps
    • Animations

    ... and much more

    For the moment, some Minigames and Functions will be closed for you, but the next Updates will fix it! :

    • Gangs
    • Track
    • Mission

    So, when you wanna have fun with us in the Server, join it and play some rounds with us - the IP is :

    We would love to see you there,
    Best Regrads,
    The Leadership!

  • This Rocket League update has come last day:
    • Added four new premium Battle-Cars…
      • (DLC) Neo Tokyo-inspired vehicles “Esper” and “Masamune”, and Classic Cars “Aftershock” and “Marauder” will be available July 18th.
      • (DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle
    • Added all-new “Neo Tokyo” Arena to all casual and competitive playlists.
    • Added all-new “Pillars” Arena to Rocket Labs playlist.
    • Added “Showroom” to preview premium content
    • Competitive Season 2 has ended and rewards will be given to participants who achieved “Prospect I” and above
    • Competitive Season 3 has begun! All competitive skill ratings have been reset.
    • New “Rare” and “Very Rare” items can now be found after Online matches, there are many new items for you to discover and collect!
    • Multiple Bug Fixes
  • Good evening!

    We are very glad to pronounce that the Eagles-Clan has been founded by DarkZero and CraZy.x3. We are a multigaming clan that plays games like Rocket League, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and so on.

    It was the 27th february 2016. Everything was like it was everyday. DarkZero was stoned and CraZy.x3 was stupid like he always was. Anyway, this was the day when DarkZero (Niko) decided to born a new multigaming clan. Due to the fact that he already got a lot of reputation and experience in past, it wasn't difficult for him to plan everything. But to get some help with leading the clan, he contacted his long time reallife and ingame friend CraZy.x3 (Nico, don't be confused because of our names) to help and assist him to help him in different cases.

    Just one day later, DarkZero created the header we are using now and has shown it to CraZy.x3 in WhatsApp. He was really proud of it and even CraZy.x3 liked it, so they both decided to use it as header and clan logo.

    Some days later, CraZy.x3 got the idea to get some founding members to start with. DarkZero was sure that he was right, so he contacted some of the members that are now a part of us that day:
    - N1ght (GTA: O Squad Leader) - Real Name: Dominic (called Frank)
    - TheObsidianZ (GTA V:MP Squad Leader) - Real Name: Joshua (called Josh)
    - xHaruhiSuzumiyax (ETS 2 Squad Leader) - Real Name: Jonas
    - GameMaster - Real Name: Frederic (called Freddy)

    Just some days after the clan was founded and we got some founding members, we have been blessed with two new members called Guri (nobody cares about his name) and Dennis (try to guess his name. Yes, you're right, his name is Dennis). Both became a part of different squads of our clan.

    There is still no member who has left the clan yet, all of our founding members are still staying in our clan and we hope, that they will keep staying with us. We love all of you, and ourselves aswell!

    Best regards,
    the leadership.
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